Thermal Camera Distributor in Dubai

Techzone Trading is a pioneer in the Distribution of Thermal Imaging Camera System in UAE. Thermal imaging fever screening system used as a first-level mass screening test for accurately identifying body temperature and have a systemic fever.

Thermal imaging cameras enable full coverage of large plants and offices, providing alerts in the event of perimeter breaches or the presence of unauthorized individuals in restricted areas. Security thermal imaging coupled with analytics are designed to address the specific challenges of this environment, delivering a low false alarm rate.

The advantages of thermal screening:

  • Cost effective: cameras can measure the temperature of multiple people at once, especially beneficial in busy public areas
  • Contactless measurement: effectively avoids cross-contamination
  • Reduced psychological impact: the non-interfering process provokes less fear and negative emotions
  • Data collection and integration capabilities: centralized data collection enables data analysis and thermal imaging technology can be integrated with other solutions, such as facial recognition, alarm systems and more, for effective response and tracking

Fever Screening Camera

Tezonezone provides Handheld Thermography Camera which is designed to effectively measure differences in temperature in situations that require the rapid identification of body temperature changes and it can be used as a fever screening system that is used as a first-level mass screening test for accurately identifying individuals that have an above-normal body temperature and have a systemic fever and may be suffering from Coronavirus, Ebola, Common Influenza, Norovirus, SARS and other flu variants such as Avian Flu, Bird and Swine flu, etc.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus CoViD-19 has recently caused widespread concern across China and worldwide. Early symptoms of the virus include having a fever and a dry cough, so timely and accurate monitoring of people with a fever in public and shared spaces can play a significant role in containing the epidemic and ensuring effective infection control. The initial level screening, primary screening provides little or no inconvenience or interruption of movement for the majority of people being screened.


  1. Body temperature detection integrated with facial recognition for specific identification.
  2. Real-time sound warning enabling personnel to respond quickly.
  3. Information uploaded onto a centralized platform in real-time for effective management.

When applied correctly, body temperature measurement through thermal screening is a noninvasive, fast, cost-effective and accurate means to identify people potentially infected by the novel coronavirus. Moreover, deployment can be fast and set up as a temporary measure at a site if required. For the best results, thermal screening can be integrated with other aspects of your security solution.

Thermal Imaging Camera UAE

Techzone Technologies not only provides the thermal camera, but also provides a comprehensive software platform to user; therefore, they could really fully maximize and utilize the features of the thermal cameras. The provided central management system monitoring software can be installed in multiple locations. When the thermal camera is triggered (either the temperature is above or below the preset temperature), the CMS stations receive the triggered notifications including Pop up screen, audio alarm, and camera icon flashing thereby providing complete protection before any damages happen.

Main Brands of Thermal Imaging Camera in UAE:

  1. Bosch is a world-leading electronics and engineering company based in Stuttgart, Germany. With more than 130 years of operating, their products are wildly used in most countries. Thus, it is no surprise that their thermal imaging cameras are also popular with advanced features and affordable prices.
  2. Flir is one of the most popular brands in the thermal camera industry. They provide a diversified portfolio which serves a variety of applications. With innovation sensing solutions, their products are used widely in thermal imaging, video analytics, visible-light imaging, or advanced detection systems.
  3. HIKVision They design and manufacture high-quality thermal imaging devices for commercial and consumer applications. Also, the brand is devoted to applying professional-grade thermal advancements to develop breakthrough serious for different consumers.

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